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Wisdom Whisperer

Wisdom Whisperer

Alcohol Ink on 16x20 inchYupo 

in 24x26 inch White Finish Wooden Frame with UV Glass Cover

  • Wisdom Whisperer

    As I walk upon the surface of SacredEarth, I know her love for me is unconditional.

    When my body is nourished by all the living creatures,

    I honor their intelligent lives as equal to my own.

    I give grace in their presence -

    for without them, I would not be.


    As I face the depths of my own magnificence,

    SacredWater comes to embrace me.

    Teaching me how to quench my thirst while whispering,

    “I will always provide for my children”.


    As I seek the Moon’s changing face to heal me,

    A star burning bright in the night sky shares:

    That the light shining through the stars in the heavens and Mother Moon,

    Is the same light that shines from within me.


    As I allow myself to light the way, my heart is broken.

    SacredFire arises from within,

    Offering to carry me to heights I can only reach-

    by allowing it to burn.


    As I breathe deeply, I embrace all that has been given to me.

    I raise my gaze towards the place of the rising Sun.

    SacredWind comes and carries my prayers back to the place of birth,

    back home to The Creator.


    As I enter my dreams,

    I now see through my eyes, from my heart.

    The songs of my Ancestors are sung to me,

    and I walk a path we know as truth.

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