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Chiffon Lark Art Alcohol Ink Artist Buffalo Art Wildlife Portraits and Native American Art

Chiffon's inspiration is driven by way of her indigenous heritage (White Mountain/Mescalero Apache/Mexican),  as well as other ancient cultures around the world.


She is an Alcohol Ink Artist and Illustrator. The reason for the term “Illustrator” is simply to identify that this medium is not “paint.” Ink is a concentrated dye or pigment that is soluble- most with water, but with Alcohol Ink, it is an ethanol-based solution (she uses mostly rubbing alcohol). 

Chiffon specializes in abstract realism. She uses her breath (open-air blowing) and watercolor paint brushes to render images. All the layers begin in an extremely transparent state (very diluted pigment). She creates movement by blowing directly onto the substrate (Yupo) throughout the composition and add detailed value by going over areas with fine brushes.

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