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Photography of Native American Artist Chiffon Lark


Chiffon Lark is of Mescalero/White Mountain Apache and Coahuiltecan descent. Her indigenous heritage inspires her to convey a deep sense of connection to other species. She is an Indigenous advocate for environmental sovereignty for all Native People and Wildlife. Chiffon has worked with both non-indigenous and native-led organizations throughout the US that are dedicated to cultural conservation and climate preservation.

She specializes in abstract realism using Alcohol Ink, which is a concentrated dye or pigment that is not soluble with water. Unlike traditional paint, the ink is diluted with an ethanol-based solution (commonly rubbing alcohol).
Chiffon's technique involves using her breath (open-air blowing) and watercolor paintbrushes to develop her images. She begins with very diluted pigment and adds transparency and movement by blowing directly onto the substrate (Yupo) throughout the composition. Chiffon then adds detailed value by using fine brushes to create depth in the piece.

"My upbringing instilled in me a deep appreciation for the power and beauty of Earth, which led me to create artwork that reflects my reverence for her. The process of creating these intricate illustrations, from my dreams and prayers to the final product, is a spiritual journey for me. I aim to capture the unique personalities and essence of each species, offering it as a symbol of the majesty and wonder of the natural environment"


 “I aim to bring awareness to conservation issues through my work. To me, Art is about telling a story. These stories are experiential, and have the ability to connect beyond community thresholds to awaken a deep sense of knowing in our hearts” 
-Chiffon Lark

Beautiful Photography of Artist with fluid medium


Photo of replanting a tree
Yupo Paper recycling process Ink Artists

Chiffon uses YUPO, a 100% recyclable and biodegradable synthetic substrate manufactured with almost no water and absolutely no deforestation. Yupo is made from a substitute biomass plastic for petroleum-derived plastic to reduce CO2 emissions. This  plastic is made from plants such as sugar cane. The CO2 these plants absorb from the atmosphere via photosynthesis is considered equal to the CO2 they produce when incinerated, resulting in zero CO2 emissions at incineration. 

Yupo is manufactured in facilities that also use 100% recycled plastics to produce a beautiful, recyclable substrate products and reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastics in landfills.

Chiffon carefully selects framing options that are 100% biodegradable. The local manufacturers oftentimes use invasive species to produce wood material. This methodology is used to eradicate trees, such as Eucalyptus and Norway Maple, that are harmful to the preservation of native ecosystems throughout the North and Central Americas. Domestic production is also important to reduce severe greenhouse gas emissions and environmentally destructive shipping processes like cargo ships.

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