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A legal disclaimer

Refunds are provided as credit towards a replacement product. One refund per buyer will be granted as a courtesy only if the buyer can submit proof that the terms of the agreement were violated by Artist or Shipping provider. 

Refund Policy

If a customer wants to return a piece of work from a first sale and purchases in exchange (a "new sale") another piece of work from the same Artist, and this occurs before the Artist has received payment on the first sale, the Gallery will calculate what is owed to the Artist from the new sale, and will pay the Artist the difference between what was paid for the first sale versus what is owed from the new sale (Artist acknowledges that if the amount due the Artist from the new sale is less than what was paid to the Artist on the first sale, then the Artist will owe the difference to the Gallery) .

Shipping Refund

Should a package be lost or damaged in transit and subsequent proof has been submitted by recipient all shipping and handling charges will be reimbursed.

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