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Apache Crown Dancer Illustration by Chiffon Lark

Sacred Mountain Spirits of The N'dee

Crown Dancer Collection

Mystical Unicorn Portrait Illustration by Chiffon Lark Art
Pet Portrait Artwork by Chiffon Lark


Chiffon Lark is dedicated to capturing the essence of the wildlife through ink illustrations that bring to life the beauty and purity of the natural environment. Each wildlife portrait is carefully crafted and designed to evoke a strong sense of connection with the natural world. Through this artwork, she aims to inspire and empower collectors with the same profound sense of awe and respect that we feel for the world around us.

Pet Portrait Purity

Pet Portrait Artwork by Chiffon Lark
Golden Eagle Art by Native Artist Chiffon Lark

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Chiffon Lark was born and raised in the Central Valley. Her Indigenous heritage and traditional upbringing have served as her spiritual grounding and are the lens through which her illustrations are conveyed.

Chiffon Lark Apache Artist and Illustrator
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